Jae Pod - Where everyone has a story

About Jae Pod

Hosted by Melbourne radio personality ‘The Coach’, The Jae Pod is a podcast about living with and experiencing mental illness or physical disability to be launched soon by JaeMan Support.

We will chat with people from all walks of life and get the story behind the people with a mental or physical condition. There are some tears, some laughs but most of all there will be stories of wonder and admiration.

The Coach Bio

The Coach has been involved or working in the Melbourne media for almost 30 years. Fox FM. Gold 104.3 ,MMM, and EON Sports Radio. He has spoken to some of the most famous names in world sport. Cathy Freeman, Jack Nicklaus, Ricky Ponting, Kevin Sheedy, Greg Chappell, Serena Williams, Mark Webber, Maurice Greene, Bubba Watson, Tiger Woods, Steve Waugh, Ian Thorpe and the list goes on.

He is now with The Jae Pod and ready to get in depth and personal with his guests in the disability Sector, So be prepared to be taken on a Coach trip like never before.

Jae Pod, where everyone has a story”.

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