It says it all in the name, JaeMan ACTIVE.

We know that support work can take many forms. Intellectual, physical, emotional or even, mental health.

We believe that if the body is active the mind will follow. JaeMan Active is a belief that runs through the core of our organisation. A mantra if you like.

With the current uncertainty of the COVID-19 Pandemic permeating through our society it is understandable that there are many questions that are being asked about support work and how it will look once we get back to something that might seem like normal.

At JaeMan we are already planning for that and in fact are working through it by being active with our participants. Before this insidious disease came upon us, we had already implemented the JaeMan Active ideology. Participants we support are playing organised footy, basketball, table tennis and golf.

Of course, these are now on hold, but it hasn’t stopped us from staying active by going for walks and having open and honest discussions about what is happening in our everyday lives all the time sticking strictly to the social distancing rules.

We understand that not everyone is interested in sports which is why JaeMan Active is just as much about dancing, movies, acting, singing, sewing, woodworking etc.

Basically, staying ACTIVE.

Having said that not all participants have the physical capability to participate in these types of activities however that doesn’t stop them from going on one our many JaeMan journeys to all sorts of wonderful and exciting places.

AFL, NRL, A League, Big Bash, Boxing Day Test, Concerts, Theatre, Ballet, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, F1, Australian Open Tennis and the list goes on. The last event we went to with a group of participants before the corona virus restrictions was the ICC Women’s World Cup Final at the MCG, which of course we won and celebrated with Katy Perry.

Now is the time to get JaeMan Active!

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